Scale is Key

Discover Untapped Talent

We address the hiring challenge that tech companies encounter when scaling a platform on a budget. Our proprietary algorithm brings companies a pipeline of developers eager to work for U.S. tech firms. Hudaler’s process does all of the work to provide access to dozens of qualified resumes which were previously inaccessible. Our low touch, high impact model will enable your organization to scale with ease.


How We Help

  1. Scale your platform quickly

  2. Optimize your spending

  3. Combine global perspectives

  4. Enhance your hiring process


Save Without Sacrificing

The average engineering team spends over $20k in hidden hiring costs to recruit, interview, and onboard each new software developer. Hudaler will match your firm with skilled developers eager for positions with US companies.


Painless Process

  1. Share a Job Listing with Hudaler

  2. Receive applications from dozens of candidates who meet the position’s criteria

  3. Interview and assess candidates

  4. Hire a qualified remote developer